Equipment Rental & Guided Dives

Eden Rock Diving Center is situated on the shore line close to two of Cayman best dives Eden Rock and Devil's Grotto.

Rental Equipment

  • 65 foot tank w/Air               US$12.50
  • 80 foot tank w/Air               US$12.50
  • 100 foot tank w/Air             US$14.00
  • 80 foot tank w/Nitrox         US$17.50
  • Air Fill to 80 foot                  US$08.00
  • Regulator w/Oct/Console   US$15.00
  • BCD Jacket                            US$15.00
  • Wet Suit                                 US$10.00
  • Weight belt                           US$01.25
  • Weights per lb.                     US$00.30

Rental Equipment

  • Compass                        US$05.00
  • Dive Computer              US$13.00
  • Dive Light                       US$12.00
  • Dive Marker Flag           US$04.00
  • Mask & Snorkel             US$06.00
  • Fins                                  US$05.00
  • Snorkel Jacket                US$06.00
  • Snorkel Package            US$14.00
  • Guided Snorkel PP        US$30.00

Guided Dives

  • One tank guided with tanks & weights US$45.00.
  • One tank guided with rental equipment US$70.00.
  • Two tank guided with tanks & weights US$85.00.
  • Two tank guided with rental equipment US$110.00
  • Times 9:00, 11:00 AM & 2:00 PM
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Eden Rock Diving Center
Sunset at Eden Rock diving Center
Tarpon in the caves of Devil's Grotto

Rental Equipment Available

Daily rentals from 9:00 AM one day until 9:00 AM the next day.