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Sidemount Diving in Cayman

Travel diving made easy with a Sidemount lightweight BCD. Strap on 2 small tanks and add to your safty, comfort and bottom time. Spend more time underwater at your favorit dive site.


Nomad LT Blue Water

Designed for warm water diving with aluminum 80s, the Nomad LT Bluewater is designed for the sidemount diver who is diving in open bodies of water. The low profile design packs easy for travel at only 5.5 pounds including all the hardware. The lift is pushed toward the bottom by two baffles to keep the lift in the small of the back. The Super Fabric back is tough and puncture resistant. The inflator assembly is routed over the shoulder just like any openwater BC and an epaulet secures it over the shoulder. The lower dump valve is located on the lower backside of the BC.

How do I train?

Full sidemount equipment is provided for the sidemount course. The course is 4 dives over 2 days and includes:

Gear rigging, hoses, trim, bouyancy, gas management and shut down, gas sharing, ditch and don tanks, in water tank management, shore entry, fining techiniques.

The cost of the course is $400.00.

We also offer an introdutory half day course and dive for $150.00. The fee can be applyed to a full course within the same month.