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Discover Scuba

The Discover Scuba Diving Course formally known as a Resort Course is designed to introduce non-divers to the thrilling world of scuba (self-contained underwater breathing apparatus) with only a limited amount of theory and in-water training.

Discover Scuba and Dive The half-day course description:

There will be a short theory session in which you will learn the important basic rules for scuba diving (dealing with water pressure, breathing on scuba, etc.).  You will be shown the equipment and how it works before going into the shallow training area and practicing some easy skills to help familiarize yourself with breathing underwater and using the scuba equipment.  By the end of the session, you’ll be ready to go for a real dive!

The training session is followed by a shallow shore dive to Devil’s Grotto or Eden Rock. An instructor will accompany the student at all times underwater and guide them through a 40 foot dive which will last about 30 to 40 minutes.

After you have completed the course, you will probably want to dive again!  You may sign up for a Repeat Resort Course.  You may dive as many times as you wish within a 2-week period and you will not be required to take the pool and theory session again.  You may dive from shore to Devil’s Grotto and Eden Rock.

Before you begin your course, you will be required to fill out a Student Information form (form attached) this will be kept strictly confidential.  This form is for your safety, it is important that you complete it accurately.  If any part of the medical questionnaire applies to you, before participating in scuba activities.  You may bring a signed medical clearance from your physician with you, please make certain that he indicates that you are fit to participate in scuba diving activities.

Departure at the diving center

Eden Rock Diving Center, 124 South Church Street, George Town, Grand Cayman. MAP George Town

Terms & Conditions

A Confidential Medical Form must be filled out prior to enrollment, and a physician's release may be required.


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