Eden Rock Diving Center is the gateway to Eden Rock and Devil's Grotto, two of Grand Cayman's most loved and famous shore dives.Great for diving and snorkeling, enter the water at one of two shore diving ladders into 3 feet of water and swim out over the gently sloping bottom until the reef rises to within a few feet of the surface before dropping in vertical cliff faces to a 40-foot sandy bottom.

Eden Rock Diving Center
Eden Rock Diving Center the shore diving center
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Devil's Grotto
  • One or two tank guided shore dives to Eden Rock & Grotto .
  • Diving and snorkeling equipment rentals .
  • Discover Scuba and repeat shore dives.
  • Guided snorkel dives.
  • Diving Instruction and referral training.
  • Resort gift shop.
Sunset Over Devil's Grotto

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Eden Rock Diving Center

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